Waypoint is your trusted end-to-end solution for procuring fertilisers & commodity chemicals in international markets.

For Buyers

Secure Supply
Market-priced supply from a single container to vessel loads.
Integrated Freight
Competitive multimodal freight with full operational visibility.
Seamless Operations
Quoting, tracking, documentation, and support all in one place.
Optimised Working Capital
Multi-currency transactions and flexible payment terms.
Buy Commodities
End Users

Diversify your supplier base, save on raw material costs, and optimise working capital.


Secure global product sourcing and unlock cost savings.


Purchase directly from wholesalers, saving you time and resources.


Expand your sourcing options, tap into market insights, and boost your netback.

For Suppliers

Access New Markets
Increase sales volume with zero marketing spend.
Reliable Partnership
Forge a reliable, professional partnership for lasting success.
Market Intelligence
Gain insights through pricing feedback and proprietary trend data.
Security & Anonymity
Ensure secure, confidential transactions through a single purchasing partner.
Sell Commodities

Waypoint powers businesses every day with seamless, reliable solutions as your trusted and independent partner at the core of the global supply chain.

Recent Cargoes


Transport by Ship

New Zealand
Calcium Nitrate (CN)

Transport by Ship

Technical Monoammonium Phosphate (T-MAP)

Transport by Ship

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN)

Transport by Ship

New Zealand

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Access the industry’s most powerful physical commodity trading and data platform.